We Drive Luxury!

We value the time and quality of travel

Chauffeur service in Belgrade
with luxury sedan cars!

- 190€ /

per day

Skoda Octavia 2022 year.

Chauffeur service in Belgrade

8 hrs, 150 km

260€ /

per day

Mercedes E 2022. year

Chauffeur service in Belgrade

8 hrs, 150 km

450€ /

per day

Mercedes S class W222

Chauffeur service in Belgrade

8 hrs, 150 km

600€ /

per day

Mercedes S class W223

Chauffeur service in Belgrade

8 hrs, 150 km

About us

We make sure that your every trip is comfortable

BGDiplomat is company which have long tradition from 1999 when started with only 1 car in Belgrade, Serbia. Since we had a strong desire to become number 1 in Serbia and the Region, we never gave up on the way to become no. 1. We started with our brand ‘’BGDiplomat” since 2011, now our company have more than 50 vehicles in our fleet and more than 100 cooperant vehicles in all Region.

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Our Services

We offer limousine renting services for special occasions

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Why Choose Us

Explore our first class limousines

Mercedes S class chauffeur service!


Professional Car Driver


Fixed Price &


Fast Car Delivery Service


Luxury Limousine Selection

Taking you anywhere you can imagine. Not only to parties, weddings, casinos and birthdays, but anywhere you want to.

You choose, we drive. Reliably, safely and comfortably.
Just think of a place and we’ll get you there safely, comfortably and on time.
Just choose the location and leave the rest to us. No matter the occasion, our vehicles are always there to provide you with an unforgettable experience.
When we’re driving you, you don’t have to worry if you’ll be noticed, but rather how to deal with all the looks of curiosity and admiration you’ll get. A unique experience and an incredible feeling.